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Corporate Culture
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Corporate Culture
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Cornerstone enterprise

  • A central six basic points
    A center: to create value - for business, for employees, for customers, for the community!
    Six basic points: 1, the integrity of two, three harmony, innovation 4, fine 5 Specification 6, continued
  • Moral and spiritual - a new high electronic origin of the name
    Tall minded, tolerant infinite, innovative ideas, explore the future.
    New high moral electronics company like lush mountains, like ascending thrive in the rain, indomitable, proudly erect, stable and sustained and healthy development!

Business Strategy

  1. Customer-centric, market-oriented
  2. Seize the initiative, competing win
  3. Continuous improvement, sustainable management
  4. So specialized, so refined, stronger, bigger

Management philosophy

  1. People-oriented, meritocracy
  2. Institutional constraints, accountability and
  3. Communication and coordination, co-operation
  4. Operation of the system, fine management
  5. Safe and efficient, quality
  6. Learn, continuous improvement

Core Values

Honesty, forgiveness, gratitude, responsibility

Corporate Mission (four wins)

Create a professional reliable and innovative boutique; provide efficient first-class service, and create a platform for employees to realize value; integrity of clients and society! 

Technical quality

Technology: innovation, standards, professional, sophisticated
Quality: prevention, improvement, continuous, rigorous

Service concept

  Active, rapid, standardized, thoughtful

Customer is God pre-sale, sale and everywhere for the sake of customers, all customer-centric philosophy.

Company has carry forward the "people-oriented, relearning, heavy perform, innovation" enterprise culture, for all types of personnel to provide a platform for learning and career development, the spirit of "the times, sustainable and innovative", business philosophy. And to stabilize the product quality continuously attract customers of all ages around the world, we carry out "love, action, responsibility, achievement, Thanksgiving" values??; follow the "moral and reuse, find like-minded partners," the concept of employment; more is the origin of the constant introduction of more talent, formed a cohesive team and fighting strong team, FFC industry in today's increasingly competitive today, we have been able to show heroic! Foothold in China, facing the direction for the business world!

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